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Zero Waste Travel

1. There are a plethora of companies worldwide who have ways that you can offset your carbon footprint. You can calculate your CO2e here

This site will tell you how much omissions you have created and gives links to various companies that have ways you can neutralise your carbon emissions from planting trees to donating to eco projects.

I find this the best way of rectifying the problem of travelling by plane.

2. If it is a short flight, I like to stock up on water before I go through customs in my reusable stainless steel container and then wait till the other side to refill. This saves on plastic water bottles.

3. Bring a reusable coffee/tea container. I personnally don't drink coffee but I know it is very popular so this can help you use less take away containers

4. Bring your own snacks on the flight. In Ireland we can bring our own snacks on the plane but you would need to check with your country first. I reuse glass containers for my snacks. Just refuse the snacks given to you on the plane no matter how tempting they are. Also if you have your own snacks it is less likely that you will be hungry and give in.

5. If you are staying in a hotel then leave a note with staff that you don't need your bed sheets and towels changed everyday. You could also bring your own sheets and towel but this will add to your luggage space which is usually quite limited in the first place.

6. Instead of buying all those brilliantly marketed miniature travel essentials just reuse tiny jam jars and bring your own toiletries. I have never had a spillage with glass but I have had a spillage with plastic bottles in the past.

7. In the different country try and eat in local restaurants and shop locally. Be part of the foreign community and respect their customs.

8. Use public transport or hire a hybrid car for travelling around.

In conclusion travelling is inherently NOT zero waste but if you take responsibility for your carbon emissions and then take action to offset the harmful effects of your choice of travel and follow the tips above you are on the road to being a more conscious eco friendly human.

Thanks for reading.

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