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DIY Zero Waste Produce Bags

I find grocery shopping one of the hardest ways to stay waste free. Everywhere you look there are plastic bags, plastic packaging, more plastic bags and even more plastic packaging.

We don't have a zero waste shop here in Ireland but some supermarkets have nuts where you can help yourself and also the fruit an vegetable section has package free items where they offer you a plastic bag to gather the items together before you have them weighed.

A waste free option is to bring your own produce bags instead of using the plastic or paper bags available for free in the shops. You can buy these produce bags online but sure why not make them yourself. You can recycle old clothes but this can make the bag heavy and cost you more money. I have used muslin cloth below as I have found that super lightweight. You can get in a secondhand shop or buy new in a material shop for only a couple of quid.

Below is a simple tutorial...

What you'll need:

1 meter of muslin cloth or any lightweight material (makes about 6-7 bags

old shoelaces or some twine

measuring tape

pencil for marking material

Safety pin

needle and thread or a sewing machine.

Step 1

Make your shape. 2 foot in length x 1 foot in width.

Mark the material and then cut out the shape.

There is no need to be fussy about being in a straight line.

Fold over your bag like so. The bottom of the bag does not require any stitching, making it sturdier.

Step 2

Time for sewing. Use your hands or a sewing machine.

Sew each side of the bag, making sure to leave approximately an inch at the top for the hem.

Step 3

Time for the hem. This is so you can put the string through.

Fold down the top towards you till it meets the side stitches and sew all the way across. The bag is inside out at the moment so the hem will look like it is on the outside.

Sew both sides. Make sure to always reinforce the ends.

Turn the bag the right way around.

Step 4

Time to put the string through the hem.

Attach a safety pin to the string and weave it through the hem.

You can keep going around twice for extra strength.

Tie a knot when finished.

You can pull the string at both sides or one side, whichever you prefer.

Keep making all the bags. The meter of material will make about 6.

The next time you are shopping bring them along and enjoying filling them up with your favourite produce.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Waste Free Shopping!

Check out the video below...

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