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Zero Waste Christmas Table Centrepiece Ideas

It's fun at Christmas to make a table centrepiece, using nature and things you have around the house. You can be as creative as you like. I have four different ideas below. They are all low waste and simple.

1.Rustic Country

If you have a burlap potato sack you can cut it lengthways and role it up to make a table runner.

I had spare pallets in the garden so I chopped off the end and dyed it with coffee. This is a really low waste way of staining wood.

Next fill it with candles. Place the small ones in a tin and place foliage around the candles.

Place some cones on the wooden stump parts.

For the place settings use cloves in oranges to write the initial of the person.

2.Classic White

Get some spare glasses. I had some candle glasses. Fill with salt and pop the candle in. It looks like snow and you can reuse the salt for cleaning.

For the middle, add a bowl with some cones or stones.

and add foliage around the candles.

For the place settings you can use a wooden clothes peg with the name written on in pencil. Add some greenery and clip the peg to the side of the serviette.


For those of you who like a minimal look, try these little stick trees.

I used left over bamboo but you could use sticks.

You will need three sticks and tie them with some twine. See the video below for more detail.

These look great with some cones and candles.

Tie the look together by placing a twig across the plates.

4.Traditional Red

For this one all you need is a red table runner. I made this one with some red material cut to size.

Place a wreath in the centre and candles inside the wreath.

I used little bowls with salt to secure the candles.

Use some cones on the plates to tie the look together.

I hope these have given you some inspiration. Thanks for reading and watch the video below for more detailed descriptions.

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