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How to Declutter Your Home with Ease - Linen Closet

In Ireland we call the linen closet the hot press. It is usually filled with sheets, duvet covers, table cloths, pillowcases, blankets, cushion covers and towels. You'd be surprised at how much you have that you never use.

First things first. Bring everything out of your closet into an open space so you can see everything you have.

Next separate it all into categories.

Go through each category.

I keep the rule of thumb that I have a duvet set on the bed and then one in the wash and that is all I need.

Same with towels; I use one while one is in the wash and then swap.

This means you will only have two of everything and will cut down on waste.

Go through all the other categories. I keep two blankets. One on the bed and one spare.

I only need one spare duvet set for the spare room.

What to do with the spare linen:

Give towels and blankets to animal shelters or use towels to make face cloths.

Give good quality duvet sets to charity shops or friends or make into cleaning cloths or face wipes.

Make shopping bags out of the spare pillowcases.

Place everything back into the cupboard and enjoy all that new found space.

Thanks for reading and happy decluttering.

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