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3 Ways to Simplify Your Life

We live in a world today that is obsessed with external success and yet our internal contentment is diminishing rapidly.

As the world races ahead in every area of living, the happiness and satisfaction levels of humans are decreasing worldwide. I have a few ways that you can simplify your life to increase joy and wellbeing.

In a world that has become so fast, people move so quickly, that they leave themselves behind. Slowing down is the greatest antidote to this and can bring a level of relaxed contentment to your life.


The first place to start with slowing down is with your breathing. Correct breathing is tantamount to a feeling of calmness which in turn allows the body to relax and reduces stress levels.

Three slow conscious breaths, deep in the belly, have been said to bring one into the present moment and reduce stress. Our body breaths automatically and yet we forget to connect to the most important life force within us. When you are going about your day, remember to stop and breath. This one simple practice will bring immediate calmness to your day and body.


In this fast world, we can rush around doing twenty things at once, getting nothing done effectively and increasing our stress levels minute by minute. Prioritise what is important and leave the rest. Find out what is important to you and prioritise that. Learn to say 'no' to phone calls, messages or invites that you don't want to go to or don't have the time to attend and are only going for the other person. Remember we have to look after ourselves first before we can look after the world. I have heard people say that they have a whole pile of ironing to finish and that they are exhausted with all the chores, yet ironing is not a necessity to live well. A few crumpled pieces of clothing never hurt anyone. We have to get very frank with ourselves and question what we are doing and what is really important to our happiness and prioritise that first.


Take time recharging your batteries so that you are not running on empty. Get outside in nature. It is a natural energy giver. It feeds the body, mind and soul and ten minutes in nature can give us the boost we need to recharge our depleted energy levels. If you're busy in the city, find a nearby park and listen to the birds. You will feel the better for it and be able to function more effectively in work afterwards.