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6 Months No Shampoo

I stopped using shampoo in January of 2018. I was never happy with the quality of my hair regardless of how natural the product was and I was also looking for a zero waste alternative. Six months in and I'm very happy with the results. I wash my hair once a week with chickpea flour and change the rinse each week for variety.

I start the night before with some fresh aloe vera gel which I rub into my scalp and hair. I leave this overnight and wash the following morning. Aloe vera is very soothing for your scalp and moisturising for your hair.

This is what my hair looks just before washing. It is slightly oily and has some visible dandruff.

I use 2 tbsp of chickpea flour with a dribble of water to form a paste. You don't want it to be too runny or it won't clean your hair properly. Chickpea flour has been used for many years in India to wash hair and body. It has natural properties that clean, so it was a perfect choice for me.

Next I make a rinse. This time I used some herbs from the garden. Lavender, thyme and camomile. Just a handful should do.

You will need to add some boiling water over them and wait till it cools. You could do this the night before.

Strain out the herbs before use. I use about a cup amount, but you could make it stronger with a larger bunch of herbs and more water.

This is my hair after the wash and rinse. You have to make sure you rinse the chickpea flour out completely. If you don't you will be left with tiny granules in your hair. The herbs left a lovely smell on my hair. You can see that my scalp is completely grease free with no dandruff.

My hair is bouncy and clean. Sure what more could you ask for!

Thanks for reading. If you like you can watch the video I made here...

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