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Self-Care Rituals

Self-care is very important for us all. With the Christmas season ahead what best time to recharge our batteries so we are strong mentally and physically for the month ahead. When we look after ourselves first, we have loads of energy to look after everyone else. Below I have listed some of my favourite ways to care my myself.

In India this is called Abhyanga. It is an oil massage with warm oil, particularly warm sesame oil. It is said to nourish the body and stimulate the internal organs, increasing circulation. I warm the oil in a bottle in some hot water for about 5 minutes and proceed to massage my whole body.

It is wonderfully relaxing and invigorating at the same time. It is suggested to do first thing in the morning and wait about 20 minutes before having a shower to allow all the oil to really soak into the body.

There are a multitude of face masks on the market, yet it is incredibly easy to make your own at home using very simple ingredients.

Bananas are very soothing for your skin and gentle enough to place on your face. I mix about half a banana and a few slices of cooling cucumber in a blender and gently massage all over my face. Sit back and relax for at least 10 minutes and then gently wash off with a soft flannel and warm water. I usually finish with some cold water to close all the pores.

This area can get completely overlooked. We can be expert at giving ourselves beauty treatments but when it comes to our mental self care treatments, that is another story. Did you ever hear the saying, nobody is as hard on yourself as you are?

The renowned American Psychiatrist William Glasser came up with some caring habits for using in relationships. It has to start with ourselves first so here is the list of caring habits that you can incorporate and remind yourself of daily.

1. Support

2. Encourage

3. Listen

4. Accept

5. Trust

6. Respect

Glasser also explained about the deadly habits for a healthy relationship which are...

1. Criticising

2. Blaming

3. Complaining

4. Nagging

5. Threatening

6. Punishing

7.Bribing or rewarding to control

These habits can be detrimental to any relationship, including the one with ourselves. Glasser advises to avoid at all costs.

Often we can be expert at giving these caring habits to our friends but not to ourselves. Remember you have to give to yourself first so you have the energy to give to others. You can't give what you don't have and most of us are running on empty which will create disharmony in the body and mind in the long run. So why not give yourself some support and encouraging words for a change and you will notice a huge difference in your energy and wellbeing.

There is something about a warming nutritious drink that is so soothing. It is a ritual. You are spending the time chopping up and gathering the ingredients, mixing and preparing.

Turmeric Drink:

1 cup coconut milk

1 cup nut milk

1 medjool date

slices of ginger

slices of fresh turmeric

1 tsp turmeric powder

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/8 tsp ground pepper (this is needed for turmeric to be absorbed)

Place everything in your favourite pot, bring to the boil and simmer for a few minutes before straining through a sieve into your favourite cup.

You can make for yourself in the evening and sit back and relax. Turmeric is a great anti inflammatory and coconut milk is packed full of healthy fats and ginger is great for your immune system. All these ingredients are warming for the body.

Our feet can get completely forgotten about during our day to day activities. They can benefit from a little tlc from time to time. I find a foot soak is seriously relaxing. Follow that up with a nice massage and you will be transported to relaxation heaven.

I like to collect some herbs from the garden, mainly camomile, mint and lovage. I place them in a bag and leave to stew in some boiling water. While I'm waiting for the water to be cool enough for my feet, I place a towel over my head and get a free steam facial.

When the water is ready, pop in your feet and relax. Your feet will thank you for it.

Thanks for reading and may you look after yourself with kindness and love.

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