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How to Make Scrap Apple Vinegar

One of the most used products in our house is vinegar, mostly white distilled vinegar. I use this for cleaning and as a fabric softener and I can buy in huge quantities which means it lasts for at least a year. It is not recommended to ingest white vinegar so I previously bought apple cider vinegar to add to cooking or take as a health supplement.

You can make your own apple cider vinegar which you can use for all of the above. It is simple to make, low in waste and saves you money.


Peels and cores of minimum 5 apples.

Enough water to cover the apple scraps.

1 tbsp of granulated sugar for every cup of water.

A sterilised container (if you are not going to ingest the vinegar then no need to sterilise)


The next time you are making an apple pie or crumble or some apple sauce you can keep the cores and peels and place in a wide mouth jar.

Fill with cups of water until the apples are covered.

Next add 1 tbsp of sugar per 1 cup of water and give the mixture a good stir to help the sugar dissolve.

I added a weight in the form of a jam jar inside as this makes sure that the apples stay submerged under water.