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Simple Yeast Bread

I usually make soda bread here in the cottage, made with bread soda. I thought for a change I'd make yeast bread. I use quick acting yeast that I bought in my local health shop in one package. Some use individual packets which increases waste.

The secret to getting the hard crust is cooking the bread in a pre-heated casserole dish with a lid. It's called a dutch oven. The bread effectively steams in the oven creating this wonderful crispy crust.


This recipe is adapted from Dove Farm quick white bread.

Oven temp: pre heated oven 200c or 400f

500g or 2 cups of sieved bread flour. I used spelt flour.

1 tsp quick acting yeast. I used the English brand Dove Farm.

1 tsp salt. I used pink Himalayan salt

325mls or 1.5 cups warm water

(optional)1 tbsp oil. I used rapeseed oil.


Sieve the flour into a bowl or on a clean table.

Add the yeast and salt and combine.

Make a well in the middle and gradually add the water until all combined.

Add the oil gradually with the water and knead into a smooth ball.

Place covered in a warm place for approx 45 minutes.

Transfer to a preheated container with lid and cook for 50 minutes.

Wrap in a towel after for about 15-30 minutes and then enjoy.

I love eating this fresh with jam. The flavour is slightly similar to soda bread but the crusty top is heavenly.

Thanks for reading and enjoy making.

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