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DIY Self-Care Products

It's a wonderful experience to be able to make some self care products using mostly ingredients found in the kitchen.

Below I have two recipes. A body scrub and a bath soak.

This body scrub will leave your skin refreshed and soft.

Coffee is known to have skin brightening qualities and using up coffee grinds is a great way of reusing waste.

Vanilla Coffee Body Scrub


3/4 cup brown sugar

5 tsp ground coffee

1 tbsp almond oil

10 drops vanilla essential oil


Place some used dried coffee grinds in a bowl with the sugar.

Mix together and add the oil and essential oil.

Mix together and place in a small sterilised jar.

Use in the shower as a scrub for your body.

This scrub should last for a few months.

Lavender Salt Bath Soak

We all need to relax in a bath every now and again. Using salt in the bath can be relaxing for your muscles and the lavender smells divine and can help your mind relax. Oats are great for sensitive skin and can help to alleviate itchy skin.


1/2 cup salt. I used Pink Himalayan salt, but you could use epsom salt or good quality mineral sea salt.

3/4 cup oats

2 tbsp dried lavender

1 tbsp dried eucalyptus leaves


I like to blend all the ingredients in a coffee or spice grinder first until they're a fine powder.

Add them together and mix until all combined.

Pop into a sterilised jar.

Use a couple of spoons in the bath.

Same as with the coffee scrub, this should last for a good few months.

Thanks for reading and enjoy making and using.

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