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Natural DIY Mouthwash

This video shows a simple mouthwash using sage from the garden. Sage is a wonderful ingredient for tooth care.

Natural DIY Toothpaste

We all need to brush our teeth to keep our teeth and gums healthy. Most toothpastes are filled with harsh chemicals and the plastic containers are wasteful. This video shows how to make a natural and effective toothpaste which reduces waste and is easy to make.

Natural Personal Care

There are so many products on the market for personal care. Most of these are filled with harsh chemicals which is not good for our body. They also cost valuable money and most of the time they are products we don't need but the marketing campaigns tell us we can't live without. In this video I explain a few of my simple products which are low waste and natural.

Natural DIY Facial Scrub

Facial scrubs are very wasteful and usually use small little plastic microbes which cause such destruction when they end up in the water system. This video shows how to make a natural zero waste alternative with ingredients known to be effective for cleaning the face and also beneficial for sensitive skin.

Zero Waste: Projects

Zero Waste Cleaning - Bathroom

Having a clean and sweet smelling bathroom is a wonderful thing. This video shows simple solutions to clean naturally with easy to buy ingredients and also to keep your cleaning waste free.

Zero Waste Cleaning - Kitchen

We clean kitchens daily but use harsh chemicals around places where we prepare food. This video shows simple solutions to clean your kitchen naturally.

Zero Waste Cleaning - General

You'll find in the video simple and practical ways to clean around your house from windows to floors, using simple natural ingredients and making cleaning fun.

Natural DIY General Cleaner

Vinegar is a great cleaning tool but smells pretty disgusting. This video shows a DIY cleaning which uses left over orange rind to make a sweet smelling cleaner.

Zero Waste: Projects

Zero Waste On The Go

In this video I talk about ways you can reduce your waste when out and about during the day from food to drink to eating utensils.

Natural Laundry Routine

Doing laundry is one of those essential chores. I show in the video how to use soap nuts which are eco and natural and make laundry exciting and very economical.

DIY Recycled Candles

Candles contribute to a wonderful atmosphere in the home but most of them leave over wax. This video shows how to recycle left over wax and make beautiful candles.

DIY Recycled Garden Lanterns

This video reuses tin cans to make gorgeous garden lanterns. This a fun project to do with children

Zero Waste: Projects
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