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My Journey to Simple, Sustainable Living

Audio & ebook

Available worldwide!

In this book I share my journey to simple, slow and sustainable living in the Irish countryside. 

The book is filled with stories from bustling city life to the Austrian hills, from shaky beginnings to the present day. Spanning a period of twenty years it shows the steps leading to Fairyland Cottage life, a life consisting of less waste and more calm.
I outline what I’ve learnt along the way and share zero waste tips for home and garden. 

In the second part of the book I include my favourite recipes for cleaning, cooking and personal care.


~You can now purchase the ebook in PDF and the audiobook in MP3 separately.~

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One thing Niamh has successfully achieved in her e-book is to establish the connections between everything to do with sustainability and compiled it into an approachable and accessible lifestyle. From the reduction of waste to living simply and calmly, it all interlinks under the umbrella of sustainable living. Niamh emphasises that this lifestyle begins as simply as it aims to be, with a desire to change. That really is all you need. If you are reading this and you’re curious about this growing and bubbling movement of simple sustainable living, I recommend reading up, watching a Fairyland Cottage YouTube video or downloading her e-book.


—  Rose Mason, Writer 

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