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DIY Self-Care Products

It's a wonderful experience to be able to make some self care products using mostly ingredients found in the kitchen. Below I have two recipes. A body scrub and a bath soak. This body scrub will leave your skin refreshed and soft. Coffee is known to have skin brightening qualities and using up coffee grinds is a great way of reusing waste. Vanilla Coffee Body Scrub Ingredients: 3/4 cup brown sugar 5 tsp ground coffee 1 tbsp almond oil 10 drops vanilla essential oil Method: Place some used dried coffee grinds in a bowl with the sugar. Mix together and add the oil and essential oil. Mix together and place in a small sterilised jar. Use in the shower as a scrub for your body. This scrub should

Homemade Deodorant Recipe

Over the years I have tried many different types of natural deodorants. I have been using my coconut oil deo now for years but I wanted one without oil as sometimes if I use too much it can stain my clothes. This one uses candelilla wax for any vegans who want an alternative to beeswax. I think local beeswax is more sustainable than candelilla wax so if I am buying candelilla wax, I make sure it has been ethically sourced. Same goes for shea butter. Lemon myrtle essential oil is the secret ingredient here. It is widely used in deodorant recipes because of its anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti fungal and antiseptic properties. Recipe: 1/2 cup refined shea butter (unrefined can have a stron


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