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How to Stay Healthy During Winter - Zero Waste and Simple

Most of us like to feel healthy in body and mind but during the winter months we can get susceptible to the flu, colds and coughs. Below I have listed some simple yet effective tips to stay healthy during winter and particularly during the Christmas season. I have utilised my knowledge from years of nursing and also practical tips that I have incorporated into my life over the years, to stay free of illness during this cold winter time.

First thing to note when talking about staying healthy is the immune system. Bacteria and Viruses are all around us and we need a strong immune system to fight these off. The tips I use can strengthen the immune and therefore can stave off colds and flu.

Tip 1: Fresh air and exercise...

As the days are drawing in and getting colder we are more inclined to stay indoors. We need fresh air and oxygen to keep our body and mind strong. A brisk walk wrapped up warm early in the morning can do wonders for our overall health. Exercise helps our blood pump around our body and we will warm up from the inside out along with strengthening our immune. The overuse of artificial heating in the cold months is a feeding ground for bacteria and viruses so make sure your house is well ventilated and you get outside.

Tip 2: Food and drink...

Winter can be a time of over indulgence, especially over the Christmas season. The best thing is go easy and keep your meals warm and light. Increase your intake of dark green vegetables like spinach and kale and fruits like oranges and cranberries which contain VitC which will boost your immune. Stick to vegetables that are in season and root vegetables like swede and brussels sprouts that will nourish your body.

With the increase of central heating our bodies can get dehydrated much quicker. Keep your intake of water high. Your body will thank you for warm water in the winter rather than cold.

Decrease your caffeine intake as this is dehydrating for the body. Instead have herbal teas with warming spices like cardamon, cinnamon and cloves.

Tip 3: Burning the candle at both ends...

The evenings are getting darker earlier and our bodies may want to stay indoors but our social calendar can fill up with many night time events. There is an increase in eating and drinking during this time and this can take it's toll on our bodies and our health can suffer. Say 'no' to some events and have a night in beside the fire, with a good book. Get an early night and you will feel better for it the following day.

Tip 4: What to do when you feel yourself coming down with something...

Take a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in water before bedtime and in the morning you'll feel much better. ACV is a great overall tonic for your body and I find it works brilliantly.

Get an early night before 9pm and let your body do it's own healing overnight.

Tip 5: Mental stress

It has been proven that negative thoughts can have a detrimental affect on your immune system. Keep your thoughts positive. You can say things like 'My body and mind are nourished and well'

Some people can get affected by the lack of sun in winter. I take vitD to give me a boost during the low sun months.

Keep a gratitude journal and think of 10 things morning and evening that you are grateful for. Stay in appreciation for your life and all that you have around you.

Spend time relaxing and reading a book or listening to music.

All these tips are very simple and yet work very effectively to keep you healthy in the winter season, especially over the Christmas and New Year period.

Thanks for reading and stay well and happy.

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