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Zero Waste Handbag

Since I have been more conscious of reducing my waste, my bag has got bigger and heavier. I'll go through what I always have in my bag in order to reduce my waste during the day. The bag is made from canvas material and I pop it into the washing machine when it gets dirty. It is durable and big enough to fit everything, but not too big that I am weighed down completely. It is also a cross body bag which I find better when carrying bigger loads.

My first item I never do without is my stainless steel water bottle. Plastic water bottles are such a big waste and the plastic is filled with BPA which is a known toxin. Good quality water keeps me hydrated all day long. It's just under a litre so it gets lighter as the day goes on.

I don't like coffee so I never need a take away coffee cup but if you do make sure to remember it!

I will always keep a napkin/serviette and eating utensil in my bag. Even if you eat in a cafe, they may have paper napkins. I have been caught out many times before so this always stays in my bag. Some restaurants don't have reusable cutlery so I always have one handy.

Instead of buying packets of tissues just bring a handkerchief. It's much softer on your nose and kinder to the environment.

I use to keep mints or chewing gum in my bag, but now I have some fennel seeds, which are a great digestive add and give nice breath.

I will always carry a produce bag if I need to grab something quickly in the supermarket.

I never go anywhere without a snack as the temptation is too high to buy snacks and pretty much all have packaging.