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How to Reduce Waste During the Festive Season

Christmas can be a time of unnecessary waste. There are plastic decorations, wrapping paper, cards, unwanted gifts, not to mention the copious amounts of food waste. Below you'll find a few simple ways of reducing waste during this time.

Lets start with decorations...

Nature is a great source of inspiration for simple ornaments for the tree or around the house.

I have used the cones above for nearly a decade. The extra treat is that they open up in the heat which results in a magical crackling in the house.

Taking a nature walk and gathering fallen branches or pine trees is a great way of using what is free and everything can go back into the land when the season is over. I used the pine tree branches for wreathes and to decorate the mantelpiece.

This year I added a few little gingerbread men to the mantlepiece display.

That brings us onto table settings. Same rule applies, just keep it simple and natural and objects that can be utilised year after year.

The above wood is from a free pallet I found, dyed with coffee and filled with candles and nature.